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How to Proceed Following a Truck Accident Case?

Even the safest drivers can experience a devastating collision if others around them are not practicing safe driving. Accidents involving large trucks typically result in more catastrophic injuries and damages because of the substantial size and weight of these vehicles.

While you cannot prevent every accident from occurring, you can help yourself in the moments after a crash. By knowing how to proceed following a truck accident case, you could help protect your legal rights and your chances of success in recovering compensation.

Steps to Take Immediately After a Collision with an 18-Wheeler

If a semi-truck wreck occurs, the individuals involved in the crash should first contact the police or other emergency personnel to come to the scene of the accident. Once the police arrive on the scene, all information relating to the crash should be provided. Additionally, contact information and insurance information should be exchanged between the parties involved in the collision, and, if possible, an individual should take photographs of the damage and seek out witnesses to the accident.

If an individual suffers severe injuries from a collision with a commercial vehicle, medical treatment must be the priority, even if the injured individual believes they can stick around to try to collect evidence. In some cases, a person involved in an accident may not know the extent of their injuries immediately after a collision or may experience symptoms after some time. A knowledgeable attorney could help investigate a claim to determine the cause of a crash and the responsible parties.

Protecting Your Case After a Tractor-Trailer Collision

Many people do not want to deal with the headache of a car accident the days or weeks after it occurs. However, there are several steps that an individual should complete following an accident. First and foremost, if an injured individual was not taken to a hospital immediately following an accident, they should go to a hospital or schedule an appointment with their doctor for an examination.

In the days following a truck accident, an injured person must inform their insurance company and provide basic information about the crash and the involved parties. Notably, it is crucial that an injured party does not give a statement to any other involved party’s insurance company because they are not looking out for the injured individual’s best interests. Typically, another driver’s insurance company is more concerned with limiting its payouts and settling the case before an individual consulting with an attorney or determining the extent of their injuries.

In addition, an injured individual should obtain a copy of the police report or other type of accident report because this report is critical evidence in a big rig accident lawsuit. Often, people involved in accidents have many new problems to deal with, so their focus is not on the information they should obtain following an accident. For that reason, it is recommended that an individual contacts a well-versed truck collision attorney to help advise them of the proper steps and ensure that a claim is filed within the deadline of two years set by state law under Indiana Code § 34-11-2-4.

Contact a Truck Accident Attorney Right Away

Most truck accident cases are settled between the parties before filing a complaint or during the court process. However, fair settlements typically require solid evidence of the cause of the accident and meticulous documentation of damages. In the context of an Indianapolis semi-truck wreck lawsuit, where the traffic dynamics and legal complexities can be particularly challenging, the need for a skilled attorney becomes even more critical. To help ensure that you can receive fair compensation, you should seek the assistance of a seasoned truck accident lawyer. Call today to discuss your case and determine your legal options.

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