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Indiana Encourages Residents to Own Electric Vehicles

Electric cars are quickly evolving from a futuristic idealization to an everyday norm. As more companies begin to manufacture electric vehicles, their prices have become competitive with standard gasoline cars. There are quite a few benefits to choosing an electric vehicle over a gasoline one. Electric cars are more affordable, not only to buy but also to maintain. With less mechanical parts, electric cars have become more reliable and require less maintenance.

Electric vehicles do not require gasoline, and it is much cheaper to pay for the extra electricity to recharge than to fill up at the gas station. Not to mention the ease and convenience that comes along with being able to charge your car from your house.

The environmental benefits of electric cars has also led to many government incentives associated with owning them. The federal government offers tax incentives worth up to $7,000 for individuals purchasing electric vehicles. On top of that, Indiana residents can also benefit from new electric vehicle incentives to charge their cars at home.

Indiana Michigan Power Company Incentives

Indiana Michigan Power Company has rolled out a new incentive to help EV owners offset the costs of charging their vehicles at home. IMP is offering owners off-peak electricity rates as low as $.0725 per kwh. Meaning you can charge your car overnight for a fraction of the cost.

Indiana residents will also get the opportunity for a $500 rebate to offset the cost of installing a charging station in your home. IMP has partnered with Homeserve to help homeowners set up and install their own charging stations.

Worried about your EVs range or having to charge on a road trip? Another incentive in the works is a collaboration between multiple midwestern states to provide numerous charging stations for travelers across interstates.

Going Forward

Electric vehicles are common on our roads today, and while they may be deemed safer, accidents can still happen. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, whether electric or not, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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