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Officer PJ Twardoski

When the Tables Turn: Helping a Police Officer Get the Justice He Deserves Officer PJ’s pain and suffering continued after the car accident, and he needed help getting justice in order to continue healing… Insurance Offered $0 The Maximum Under Policy Settlement Yosha Law stepped in and was able to obtain the maximum available under the insurance policy available. T-boned at the intersection Officer PJ Twardski was in his car in downtown Indianapolis, driving to his destination. Just ahead of him, PJ noticed a large SUV stop abruptly at a stop sign at an upcoming crossroad – the SUV was going to run the stop sign, but proceeded to halt when seeing Officer PJ approaching. However, the car behind the SUV did not stop, and sped right through the stop sign. Before he had a chance to react, PJ’s car was horrifically t-boned as the other driver plowed into oncoming traffic. Lingering Pain and Suffering With almost $18,000 in damages,Officer PJ’s car was nearly totaled in the accident, and he was left in severe pain. As a result of getting t-boned, PJ endured significant injuries. He suffered from a spinal cord injury that required surgery and experienced neck and ankle pain that continues to this day. Left with a bulging spinal disc, his injuries will have an impact on him for the rest of his life. Officer PJ soon realized that he needed legal help to receive financial compensation for the ongoing pain and suffering that was constantly affecting his ...

Ashley Brown

Daughter Born Early Because Of An Accident Wasn’t Counted As A Person, Until… We stepped in to hold an insurance company accountable in a car accident causing a premature birth Insurance Offered $0 $50,000 eventually awarded to Nina Settlement Before Yosha Law stepped in, Ashley Brown’s Insurance company was not willing to recognize Nina Brown as a person. Brandon was able to prove Nina was a person at the time of the crash and obtained the $50,000 limit for Nina. It’s just an ordinary day for Ashley Brown On her way to pick up a cake. She was waiting patiently at a red light for her turn to cross an intersection. When her light turned green, she pushed the gas pedal. At the same time, a car coming in the perpendicular direction did not stop at his red light, and t-boned her on her driver’s side. After this violent crash, once she regained her consciousness, Ashley’s next immediate concern was her baby she’d been carrying for 34 weeks. A baby girl that was due to arrive three weeks later. Ashley had radiating pain in her neck from the whiplash, and while she sat in her car waiting for help to arrive, she felt dampness in her seat. This dampness wasn’t sweat or blood, but it was her water breaking. As she was rushed to the hospital, Ashley noticed that the baby was not moving as much as she regularly did. The car accident definitely did something, but she didn’t know ...

Jermaine Teague

The Insurance Company Sided With The Other Driver Who Was Going the Wrong Way…Until We Stepped In To Make It Right One call to our office stopped exploitation in its tracks Insurance Offered $0 Policy Limits Eventually Awarded to Jermaine and Jade Settlement It was late at night when Jade and Jermaine were driving southbound along Capitol Street in Indiana, when they came to a stop at a red light. Jade was at the wheel, and Jermaine was in the passenger seat. As the light flashed green, Jade proceeded through the intersection, and then saw another flashing light out of the corner of her eye – something wasn’t right. Before Jade could turn her head to see what it was, her vehicle was rammed into by an oncoming SUV – one that was going the wrong way down a one-way street. Yet another blow The cars collided, bashing up both front ends, and leaving Jade and Jermaine in shock and pain. When medics and police arrived, both Jade and Jermaine didn’t think they needed to go to the hospital -perhaps due to the state of the shock they were in, because in reality, Jermaine had been seriously hurt. As for the other driver, the one who had been driving the wrong way down a one-way street, she was let go without a fine or even a sobriety test. The next morning, with bandages across his face and one eye patched up, Jermaine woke to blurred vision. Still bloodied and bruised, ...

Yosha Law Firm – Personal Injury Lawyers

Yosha Law Firm – Personal Injury Lawyers