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Brandon Yosha, one of the Youngest Attorneys Ever Listed in Best Lawyers in America, presents..

From Running Back
to Giving Back: A Lineage of Civil Advocacy

Brandon’s captivating journey from the gridiron to the courtroom provides the backdrop to help you battle for justice against negligent actors and the insurance industry. Be inspired by stories of everyday Americans who have experienced incredible victories after devastating losses.

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A 116-page memoir of real stories, inspiring triumphs and life-changing advice.

Brandon A. Yosha

Brandon A. Yosha Law Book

“Brandon Yosha’s new book is a testament to the power of positivity, determination, and charting a path with a mindset of helping others.”

— Andrew Klein

Former Dean of Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, Chancellor of Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI).

There Are Over 6 Million Passenger Car Accidents in
the United States Every Year…

… a further 388,000 truck accidents. 540,000 slip and fall accidents. And countless other preventable injuries and deaths as a result of someone else’s negligence.

What gets lost in the enormity of these figures is the human story behind every accident. And faceless, soulless insurance companies will do anything to avoid acknowledging the humanity of these devastating catastrophes and leverage their considerable resources to avoid their financial responsibilities.

When this occurs, you become David standing up against Goliath.

Whether it’s a client, a loved one, or your own experience,
a personal injury case is often your single shot at delivering justice.

This book on law cases helps ensure you don’t miss.

Super Lawyers

“I was dedicated to helping make Brandon’s career as successful as possible. I cannot express my pride in what Brandon has done. I fully expect Brandon Yosha to own his niche in Indiana — and eventually the whole country.”

— Jay Abraham

American business executive, conference speaker, author and one of the top five executive coaches in the US.

“A must-read for anyone interested in learning about civil advocacy and being a Trial by Human lawyer. It’s informative, entertaining, and just the right amount of education. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.”

— Nick Rowley

Top trial lawyer, having won more than $2 Billion in verdicts and settlements for injury victims and families across the country.

“It brings me joy to see Brandon Yosha succeed so early in his career as a trial lawyer. The apple fell very close to the tree for the Yosha family, and I look forward to witnessing Brandon elevate the Yosha name further in the legal world.”

— Jeff Smulyan

USC Law School graduate, founder and CEO of Emmis Communications, former owner of the Seattle Mariners.

“I worked with Brandon’s great raw talent as a speaker and coached him on how to move people more emotionally in the courtroom. With each lesson, Brandon elevated his speaking and influence abilities. I was impressed by his work ethic and diligence.”

— Roger Love

Renowned vocal coach, author, and speaker known for his expertise in voice training and communication skills.

*Only $25.99 (paperback) or $9.99 (Kindle)

From Running Back to Giving Back Is a Poignant Reminder of Both the Hatred and Hope of Mankind

In his eye-opening debut, Brandon Yosha breaks down the How and Why behind his meteoric rise as a trial lawyer in this legal book, underscoring the importance of acknowledging human stories

Beginning with the loss of his 6-year old cousin Sophie Yosha, at the hands of the Nazis, Brandon’s story is ultimately one of hope and optimism found in the most challenging of circumstances.

From the first page, discover how Brandon’s passion and determination led him to defend the rights of those who were wronged. Driven by an unwavering desire to protect those who cannot protect themselves, his insights and strategies will inspire and motivate you to stand up for what’s right, no matter the odds.

This book is a reminder of the importance of empathy, and how putting people over profits changes lives for the better.

Within 24 hours of reading this inspiring memoir, you can start moving towards justice. Whether it’s for yourself or your clients, this book will show you step-by-step how it’s done.

Brandon Yosha Breaks Down the Potential, Power and Path of Civil Advocacy…

… using real stories of families who have faced crushing losses and the steps
they’ve taken to gain control of their lives and futures.

You’ll meet everyday families and uncover the strategies Brandon has implemented to ensure full justice is achieved. From the first contact with insurance companies to life-changing payouts, this book is more than Brandon’s story – it’s packed with stories of hope.

Unleash the Power of Knowledge:

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    “You could have offered me all the money in the world for the pain I live with every day, and I would not have taken it if I had the choice.”

    — Jessica Revell, Client

    Meet Jessica

    From Cheerleader, Swimmer, and Veterinary
    Technician to Shattered Leg Plaintiff

    Jessica’s inspirational story starts like so many other victims. A careless driver operating an SUV blew through a red light and struck Jessica’s car, leaving her with life-altering injuries. After a grueling 10-day stay in hospital and multiple surgeries, Jessica was left partially-disabled, fragile and living with metal hardware holding her shattered legs together.

    Still, Jessica refused to be a victim. She teamed up with Brandon and the Yosha Law team, determined to hold the negligent driver accountable and to fight for the justice she deserved. Despite a truly insulting low-ball offer from the insurance company, Jessica refused to settle and demanded her story be heard at trial.

    What happened in court was nothing short of astonishing - a measure of how insurance companies treat everyday people and a testament to the power of telling the human story. The jury was moved, inspired, and compelled to deliver justice.

    Learn more about Jessica’s harrowing story and how the jury responded by securing your copy of Brandon’s debut book now.

    *Only $25.99 (paperback) or $9.99 (Kindle)

    Who Is This Book For?

    Brandon’s uplifting book is both a roadmap for trial lawyers and a beacon of hope for everyday Americans who have suffered due to someone else’s negligence. Whether you’re facing the fight of your life or you’re an attorney bravely taking a stand, this book is for you.


    What if You Had a Roadmap to Take on the Most Challenging Personal Injury Cases… and Win?

    In From Running Back to Giving Back, Brandon Yosha shares the strategies, techniques, and empathy-driven mindset he uses as a Top 100 trial lawyer, recognized by the National Trial Lawyers, to fight multi-billion dollar insurance companies in and out of the courtroom.

    This 116-page personal injury memoir shares the inspiring true stories of real families and actual clients who have entrusted their futures to trial lawyers, stood up to insurance bullies… and won.

    Learn how to approach your cases with empathy and focus on the real human suffering at stake. By doing so, you can capture the hearts and minds of even the most skeptical jurors. With Brandon’s step-by-step roadmap, you’ll know exactly how to connect with juries on a deep, emotional level and win over any jury with the power of the human story.

    An inspiring read, Brandon’s insights will leave you feeling empowered and motivated to fight for justice.


    You Are Not Alone in This Fight

    When you or a loved one have been through a traumatic life event, it’s easy to feel isolated and without hope. You might feel as though you’re the only one still fighting for the justice you deserve – but these stories are here to prove you’re not alone.

    From cover to cover, Brandon’s experience supporting families like yours will reignite hope in your own life and help you regain the confidence that an injury or accidental death has stolen from you. Following in the footsteps of families just like yours, you’ll be inspired to protect your family’s dignity and legacy in the pursuit of justice.

    Although no amount of money can undo what has happened to you and your family, this resource is designed to help support you and deliver practical tools to help in your own fight.

    If you’re staring at the greatest fight of your life, this book helps provide the armor and arsenal you need to effectively pursue civil advocacy and walk away with a victory.

    Here’s a Snapshot of What to Expect Inside the Pages of From Running Back to Giving Back

    Page 12

    Learn the devastating but inspirational story of the Yosha name and why advocacy is the most critical weapon against injustice and prejudice.

    Page 17

    Hear the remarkable story of Buddy Yosha, his meteoric rise from law school to trying over 100 jury trials, and how he became one of the best trial lawyers in American history.

    Page 37

    Discover the secret to winning over any jury. The #1 influence behind successful cases? Telling the human story behind the statistics. Learn how to strategically approach your next case with this front of mind.

    Page 40

    Reveal the game-changing strategy that can transform your career as a trial lawyer – and all by making ONE simple change. This legal career book provides the guidance you need.

    Page 42

    Learn the little-known secret to delivering compelling analogies circumventing the “Golden Rule”. Create a vivid picture of suffering in the jury’s minds without any courtroom violations.

    Page 44

    Smash through the fear of failure as a trial lawyer and transition from the self-limiting mindset of “will I lose this case?” to an empowering mindset of “I can overcome adversity whether I win or lose this case.”

    Page 50

    Uncover the powerful importance of diving deep into your client’s life story and how transformational this approach can be in crafting human stories and doing justice to the losses suffered by your clients.

    Page 58

    Arm yourself to fight against the “Profits Over People” ethos shared by multi-billion dollar businesses and insurance companies and find the courage you need to take your case to trial.

    Page 65

    Break down a proven process for dealing with unscrupulous insurance claim adjusters to ensure your client receives the maximum compensation available to them under the law.

    Page 76

    The secret to building a battle-tested reputation with the insurance industry to ensure you’re never stepped on and always respected.

    Page 86

    Understand the importance of non-economic damages and how to build your legacy as a trial lawyer by tapping into the human mind, heart, soul and conscience.

    Page 90

    Tap into your unique ability to drive legislative change on a national level and extend the impact of your work to a scale most attorneys only dream of.

    Page 100

    Break down false insurance company narratives so you can fight for fair compensation without fear of dealing with propagandized jurors.

    Page 105

    Discover the SINGLE most valuable trait every trial lawyer needs so you can deliver on your potential as servant leaders and demand justice in the face of suffering.

    *Only $25.99 (paperback) or $9.99 (Kindle)

    “Because Brandon did his research, we didn’t have to worry about all the medical bills. They were covered. We were able to move on with our lives.”

    — Ashley Brown

    Meet Ashley

    Car Accident Victim at 34-Weeks Pregnant

    Ashley’s story is a heart-wrenching tale of tragedy, resilience, and justice. While crossing an intersection at a green light, Ashley’s life was forever changed by a reckless driver who ignored his red light and t-boned Ashley’s vehicle. The resulting catastrophic crash left Ashley, who was 34-weeks pregnant at the time, rapidly losing amniotic fluid with her unborn child at severe risk with every passing minute.

    Although Ashley was blessed to bring her baby girl, Nina, into the world, she quickly learned that her insurance company was flat out refusing to pay for beautiful baby Nina’s injuries from the crash. Why? Because, in their eyes, she was not defined as a person because she wasn’t yet born at the time of the crash.

    Ashley was furious at this and demanded justice. Partnering with Brandon and the Yosha Law team, Ashley was determined to push back against the gross exhibit of insurance companies placing profits over people. What happened next was a reminder that an insurance company’s ‘Terms and Conditions’ should never be placed above human lives and suffering.

    Learn more about Ashley’s intense experience and how the insurance company responded by securing your copy of Brandon’s best-selling debut book now.

    *Only $25.99 (paperback) or $9.99 (Kindle)

    About the Author Brandon Yosha

    Having lost relatives to the horrors of the Holocaust, and watching
    his father Buddy take on “unwinnable” cases and triumph, Brandon’s passion for affecting change lies in his DNA.

    Before following in his father’s footsteps and continuing the proud Yosha legacy of fighting for everyday Hoosiers, Brandon Yosha was recognized as the nation’s 7th best running back prospect. Despite tearing his ACL (in both knees), successful rehab saw Brandon on track to make his NFL dreams a reality someday before a final devastating knee injury ended his career.

    When one dream ended for Brandon, a new one began. He always admired his father, Buddy Yosha – one of the best trial lawyers in American history – so he chose to follow in Buddy’s footsteps and pursue a career in the law.

    Five weeks after being sworn in, Brandon delivered an opening statement and final argument on damages in a jury trial against Indiana’s largest power company.

    Although the power company had offered the client $50,000 at mediation, the jury returned a record-breaking $20.3 million damage verdict.

    With a willingness to fight in court to pursue full and fair damages and an unwavering commitment to elevating the human stories behind the statistics, Brandon became one of the youngest attorneys ever named in Best Lawyers in America.

    His innate desire to protect others shines through this book and helps light the way when your path from tragedy to triumph seems at its darkest.

    Whether you’re fighting for your clients or fighting for your family’s rights, this captivating book shows how and why justice must be fought for.

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    Our Victories

    Together, Buddy, Brandon and the entire Yosha Law team have won more jury verdicts than any law firm in Indiana history.

    You Have an Opportunity to Make a Real Difference

    Throughout the pages of this Amazon bestseller, you will gain valuable insight into the American legal system, learn how to navigate the complex world of greedy insurance companies, and be inspired by the victories of real families who refused to give up in their pursuit of justice.

    *Only $25.99 (paperback) or $9.99 (Kindle)

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