Severe physical and emotional damages can result if a dog bites or attacks an individual, especially when a child is involved. If you were attacked by an aggressive canine, you have the legal right to seek financial compensation against the pet owner or other party responsible for the dog. However, dog bite cases often require the legal experience of a well-practiced civil attorney to secure fair compensation due to the complex nature of these claims.

A dedicated Fort Wayne dog bite lawyer could help you from the time of the injury through the conclusion of the case. When you seek legal assistance, you can rest assured that an experienced attorney could represent your bests interests in and out of court.

Common Injuries Associated with Dog Attacks

Dog bites can result in several kinds of injuries, including both physical and emotional harm. Every canine attack case is unique, and the types of injuries often depend on the dog and the injured individual. Some of the common types of harm that a dog bite may inflict include:

  • Rabies or other diseases
  • Broken bones
  • Nerve damage
  • Skin infections from the wounds
  • Scarring
  • Lacerations and puncture wounds
  • Emotional distress
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

In some cases, an injury might not seem serious at first, but it begins causing severe pain and discomfort after a few days or weeks. It is critical to seek immediate medical attention following a dog attack to ensure that a medical professional identifies all sustained injuries. An experienced Fort Wayne attorney could help fight to recover compensation for all of an injured individual’s medical bills stemming from the dog attack.

State Laws Governing Aggressive Canines

State law includes specific regulations for dog bite cases and how a pet must be controlled at all times. While some states follow the one bite rule, Indiana does not. This means that dog owners could be liable for an attack by their animal even if the animal has no prior history of bites or attacks, according to Indiana Code § 15-20-1-3.

Generally, a pet owner is responsible for keeping their animal under control at all times. As such, when a dog owner does not maintain control over their pet or acts in a negligent or reckless manner, they might be subject to liability in a dog bite case. Some of the common ways a pet owner fails to act responsibly include not leashing their dog in public, not fencing in the property or otherwise containing the dog on their property, or allowing their dog to attack an individual.

There are many ways in which a dog owner could be liable for the actions of their pet. For that reason, a knowledgeable Fort Wayne lawyer could be helpful following an attack by an aggressive canine to determine the potential legal options.

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A dog is commonly known as a man’s best friend because of the companionship and love that a dog can provide. However, not every dog is friendly, and even friendly dogs can become aggressive in certain situations. Unfortunately, many dog attacks result in severe injuries and damages. A seasoned Fort Wayne dog bite lawyer could make the difference in recovering fair compensation for your damages. Call today to discuss your case with an experienced attorney.

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