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Defective products cause accidents and injuries every day, but people might write off these incidents without considering that a manufacturer could be at fault.

Manufacturers are responsible for marketing and selling safe products. A defective product can cause severe injury or even death–consumers shouldn’t have to worry about purchasing a harmful product at the store.

If you’ve suffered injury due to a faulty product, you may be entitled to compensation. You should immediately seek legal representation and find the right Indianapolis defective products lawyer to fight in your corner. You shouldn’t add to your stress and suffering by attempting to navigate legal waters on your own.

What is Product Liability Law?

Source: fda gov site

Product liability law attempts to uncover the manufacturer or parts supplier that is liable for a defective product. When an accident occurs involving a product that did not function properly, the injured party may seek legal representation and file a claim for damages. Determining who is at fault can be difficult to determine. However, those who have been injured due to a defective product can try to gather evidence by:

  • Taking pictures of the faulty product and their injuries
  • Keeping packaging and parts from the product
  • Keeping receipts proving they bought the product outright
  • Asking witnesses to testify about the incident

Who is Responsible for a Defective Product?

Source: classaction site

For the most part, the manufacturer of a product is responsible when it is defective. If a defective car causes a crash, the manufacturer is responsible. If a faulty toy breaks and injuries a child, the manufacturer will be held liable for the child’s injuries.

At times, however, service technicians or repairmen can be held liable for the failure of defective products. For instance, a trucking company leaves a vehicle with a repair service. If the mechanic does not faithfully complete the repair or use the appropriate parts, they can be held liable if the truck malfunctions. 

How Does an Indianapolis Defective Products Lawyer Recover Compensation?

A lawyer specializing in product liability law will seek several types of compensation for their client after a product malfunctions. The medical expenses incurred by the victim can be so vast that they lose their financial security, and their attorney will total the value of their care. If the victim is missing work, they may recover compensation for their lost income. A victim who can no longer work may recover the income they expected to earn for the rest of their life.

Noneconomic damages, including pain and suffering and emotional trauma, compensate the victim because they are anxious, depressed, and/or suffering from chronic pain after the incident. After calculating the total value of the lawsuit, an Indianapolis defective product lawyer can negotiate a settlement or go to trial.

What to Do In The Event of a Fatal Accident?

Source: kiplinger site

After the failure of a defective product, the family of the decedent may file a wrongful death lawsuit. If a defective truck crashes, killing a bystander or another motorist, the family of the deceased can sue the manufacturer or the mechanic who did not properly repair the vehicle.

Like a personal injury lawsuit, a wrongful death lawsuit aims to recover remuneration for medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, or emotional distress. A wrongful death suit also allows the family to seek compensation for burial, final expenses, and administrative fees.

Schedule a Consultation With an Indianapolis Defective Products Attorney

A product that is not property manufactured or shipped can cause a serious injuries and damages. These cases may seem like simple accidents, but there are underlying issues that must be uncovered in the interest of public safety. You can focus on recovery while a lawyer seeks maximum compensation after an incident involving a faulty product.

If a product or good has caused you harm, you may be eligible for compensation. It is best to consult with an Indianapolis defective products lawyer. Call today to learn more about how an attorney could help your case.

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