Motorcycles are the preferred method of transportation for thousands of people in the Indianapolis area. Not only does riding a motorcycle bring feelings of excitement, but it is also a more efficient and money-saving way to get around town. Unfortunately, those on motorcycles are more vulnerable to injuries in accidents.

An Indianapolis motorcycle accident lawyer could help to pursue this compensation, if you were severely injured in a collision. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney could explain your rights as a biker and how another driver’s actions violated those rights. They could also take the lead in gathering evidence of defendant fault and seeking out fair compensation for your losses.

Injured Bikers Must Prove that Another Party’s Negligence Cause their Injuries

Every driver who gets behind the wheel in Indianapolis assumes a duty. This duty requires them to follow the rules of the road and not take any steps that threaten the wellbeing of other travelers. This duty extends to every other person, including motorcycle riders.

The most important part of a claim for compensation after an accident is proving that another party breached this duty. This can include violations of traffic laws, such as speeding, tailgating, or failing to yield. It can also involve simple carelessness that resulted in a collision. A seasoned Indianapolis motorcycle accident attorney could help to gather the evidence that indicates defendant fault for an accident.

Understanding Shared Fault

This concept is especially important considering the state’s rule concerning modified comparative negligence. Under Indiana Code § 34-51-2-5, defendants may argue that a biker shared some or all of the responsibility for a crash. Making this argument successful will reduce the liability of an at-fault driver. Despite this fact, the idea that a person who was on a motorcycle accepted the risks that may result from an accident is not a valid defense. A lawyer in Indianapolis could help to demonstrate that another driver was the sole responsible party for an incident.

Motorcycle Accidents Have the Potential to Impact Every Part of a Person’s Life

The physical injuries that can result from motorcycle accidents are among the most serious that occur on the road. Even if a rider merely falls to the pavement, this can result in broken bones or concussions. Sliding along the pavement can cause harsh scrapes and road rash. It is also possible that a rider may become trapped under another vehicle or fly into surrounding buildings or traffic.

Since these physical injuries are often serious, a claim for compensation must demand full payments for the costs of all medical care. This includes an ambulance ride, ER care, surgery, hospitalization, and physical rehabilitation.

However, a case that only demands payments for physical injuries likely leaves thousands of dollars on the table. At-fault drivers must provide compensation for all damage that they cause. If a biker now experiences emotional traumas or mental health concerns connected to the incident, a defendant must provide payments for these changes in quality of life. Additionally, if a rider cannot return to work or has suffered a permanent injury, defendants must provide compensation for lost income. An Indianapolis motorcycle accident lawyer could help to pursue appropriate compensation following a crash.

Speak to an Indianapolis Motorcycle Accident Attorney To Discuss Your Case

Bikers enjoy the same rights on the road as all other travelers. This includes the ability to demand compensation for their losses when another motorist is at fault for a crash. These payments can often cover the costs of medical treatment, emotional traumas, and lost wages.

An Indianapolis motorcycle accident lawyer stands ready to fight for you. An attorney can perform a full investigation into the incident, gather evidence that indicated defendant fault, and demand appropriate payments from all liable parties. In most cases, this could result in a fair settlement without needing to go to court. Contact an Indianapolis motorcycle accident attorney today to learn about your legal options.

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