Indiana’s Most Dangerous Interstates

No road is completely safe from car accidents, but you’ll often find that some roads are inherently more dangerous and prone to frequent car accidents than others. Common contributing factors to dangerous roads include limited visibility, frequent bicyclists, frequent curves in the road, and drivers traveling at high speeds. Interstate highways are especially dangerous because drivers are often traveling at speeds upwards of 85 mph. Indiana’s most dangerous interstates include I-80, I-70, and I-65.

Semi-Trucks on Interstate-80

Interstate-80 runs east to west throughout the country and Indiana. The frequency of semi-trucks on Interstate-80 makes it one of the State’s most dangerous roads. Accidents involving tractor-trailers tend to be quite severe. It is therefore advisable to take caution when traveling on I-80 and avoid driving in the blind spots of commercial trucks.

Road Work on Interstate-70

Interstate-70 is another east-west highway that passes through Indiana. Frequent road work on I-70 leads to an increase in car accidents on the interstate. Drivers should be aware of road work and slow down appropriately to avoid unusual obstacles, construction vehicles and personnel, and debris.

Reckless Drivers on Interstate-65

Interstate-65 is a north-south highway that passes through Indiana and spans the length of the country. I-65 is a road frequently used by commuters traveling to and from work. This heavy traffic can lead to long backups and irritated and reckless drivers. Reckless driving and speeding are common on I-65, so you should always practice defensive driving techniques on this interstate.

Ask an Attorney about Indiana’s Most Dangerous Interstates

Indiana drivers should take precautions when driving these interstates due to the higher risk of accidents. As with most interstates, the high speeds make driving particularly dangerous and accidents particularly severe. High speeds increase a driver’s risk of losing control of their vehicle and amplify the severity of the crash.

All roads can be dangerous, but you can mitigate your risk of injury by practicing safe and defensive driving. Remember to always travel at the posted speed limit or at a speed that is suitable for the weather conditions, avoid distractions while driving, and give plenty of space to other cars on the road.

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