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If you have sustained bodily injuries through no fault of your own, you could be entitled to recover a monetary award. Whether these injuries resulted from a car accident, a fall, or a defective product, a personal injury attorney could assist you in maximizing your monetary recovery.

You could be putting your injury claim at risk by pursuing it on your own. There are pitfalls that come with personal injury cases that might not be immediately apparent. Working with a Carmel personal injury lawyer could help you protect your legal claim.

The Dos and Don’ts After a Personal Injury Accident

When you are injured in an accident that was caused by another party’s negligence, what you do in the aftermath of the injury is critical. The attorneys at Yosha Law will use the evidence you collect during the days, weeks, and sometimes even months afterward to establish fault. Here is what you should do – and not do – if you want to get compensation.

What to Do After You Are Injured in an Accident

  • DO contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.
  • DO seek medical treatment to begin documenting your injuries.
  • DO take pictures and videos of the accident and your injuries.
  • DO get witness statements and contact information.
  • DO write down everything you remember, including documenting the location, weather, time of day, and any other information that pertains to the accident.

What You Should Not Do After an Accident

  • DON’T speak to insurance agents without your lawyer.
  • DON’T agree to speak to anyone on tape.
  • DON’T discuss your accident or injuries on social media.
  • DON’T admit any degree of fault.

How Much Compensation You Can Get in Indiana

The amount of compensation you will receive will be based on the specifics of your claim. As no two cases are exactly the same, there is no “typical” settlement or award amount. You will find settlement calculators online, but these can be highly inaccurate. The best way to get an estimate of your compensation is to have a Carmel personal injury attorney review your case.

Common Personal Injury Claims in Carmel, IN

Personal injury law involves a broad spectrum of accidents. In fact, these injuries are not always accidental. An injury victim could pursue a lawsuit following any careless, reckless, or intentional act that causes injuries to another person.

Car Accidents

Motor vehicle collisions are the most common form of personal injury claim. These accidents occur every day due to the high volume of road traffic and the serious consequences that come from a crash.


Many personal injury claims result from slips, trips, and falls. When these falls occur as the result of a property owner’s carelessness, they could face liability for the injuries that occur on their property. It is possible to pursue a personal injury claim against negligent homeowners, business owners, or even government entities.


Violent assaults are a criminal offense. However, they could also result in a viable civil claim as well. When a criminal assault results in an injury, legal action is possible against the perpetrator. A property owner might share in the liability from an assault depending on the circumstances.

Defective Products

Some serious injuries occur as the result of a product defect. These defects could occur due to faulty design, defective manufacturing, or even the lack of instructions. It could be possible to pursue a claim against the manufacturer with the help of a personal injury attorney in Carmel.

Carmel Personal Injury Lawyer FAQs

These are the answers to some of the most common questions our Carmel personal injury attorneys are asked. If you don’t see your question answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I have the right to compensation if I am injured in an accident?

In Indiana, you do have the right to pursue financial compensation if you were injured in an accident and you were less than 51% at fault. The damages you claim could include your medical costs, your lost wages, pain and suffering compensation, and any other costs that were related to your accident and injuries.

Does Indiana allow you to claim damages for pain and suffering?

If you’ve been injured and you’re pursuing a claim against someone in Indiana, you may be able to recover damages for pain and suffering, a legal term for the physical and emotional distress caused by a physical injury.

What questions should you ask a lawyer?

During your initial consultation with a Carmel personal injury attorney, you will want to ask:

  • Do you have experience with this type of claim?
  • What are my legal and strategic options?
  • Can my claim be settled without going to trial?
  • Who will handle my case?
  • How will the fee structure work?

How do I ask my lawyer for an update?

Indiana injury attorneys are required to keep you up to date about your claim’s status. If there are new developments in your case, you will be kept up to date. However, if you haven’t heard from your lawyer, you may want to contact them by sending an email or calling. If you reach your lawyer’s voicemail, please leave a detailed message that includes your contact information.

The Deadline to File an Injury Lawsuit in Indiana

There is a limited window of time to pursue a personal injury lawsuit in Carmel. If a person fails to pursue an injury lawsuit in a timely fashion, he or she will miss out on the chance to do so forever. This legal deadline is known as the statute of limitations.

For injury lawsuits, the statute of limitations is found at Ind. Code § 34-11-2-4. This statutory period set out by state law expires after two years. The two-year window begins to expire as soon as the injury occurs, giving injury victims little time to secure legal counsel and move forward with their claim.

There are a small number of exceptions that could extend the amount of time available to file a suit. These are generally related to legal disabilities, which include being under the age of 18. A personal injury attorney in Carmel could advise on whether these exceptions apply in a given case.

Court and Police Information in Carmel

If your injury claim isn’t settled out of court and it proceeds to trial, your case will most likely be filed in Hamilton County Superior Court. Which law enforcement agencies are involved will be based on the type of accident and where it occurred. Here are some addresses and phone numbers you may find useful if you were injured in Carmel, Indiana.

Police Department – City of Carmel

3 Civic Square

Carmel, IN 46032

(317) 571-2500


Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office – Patrol Division

18100 Cumberland Road

Noblesville, IN 46060

(317) 776-2617


Indiana State Police

8620 E. 21st St.

Indianapolis, IN 46219

(317) 899-8577


Hamilton County Superior Courts

One Hamilton County Square

Noblesville, IN 46060-2229

(317) 776-9600


In May 2021, Governor Eric Holcomb signed into legislation a new mandate that allows for additional magistrates and courts in five Indiana counties. A magistrate will be appointed by the Judge of the Lake Circuit Court to serve the Lake County and Carmel community.

The new legislation for additional judicial resources is heavily supported by the Interim Study Committee on Courts and the Judiciary after testimonies of growing caseloads and overextended resources due to COVID-19.

How a Carmel Personal Injury Attorney Could Help

If you suffered an injury at the hands of another person, you have the right to pursue legal action against them. Holding negligent entities and individuals accountable is possible, but the process is rarely easy.

A Carmel personal injury lawyer could reduce the stress and worry of an injury claim and ensure your case is filed on time. Contact the team at Yosha Law right away to get started.


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