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Most of our clients become family throughout our quest for justice. Hear from some of our past clients involved in various personal injury cases.


“I was in a car accident and the first person I thought of was Yosha Law. When you hear the name Buddy Yosha you think of one word. Legend. But more than just a lawyer but also a friend to so many here in the city of Indianapolis.”

Tim Bass


“At Yosha Law, you are family to them.”

Officer PJ


“I don’t have Brandon’s office number — I don’t even know what that is — I just have Brandon’s cell phone number. That just shows you how personal the connection is.”

Ashley Brown


“I don’t know what I would have done had it not been for Brandon. He cares about me, he cares about my family, he checks on me, and that’s all I could ever ask.”

Jermaine Teague

I was first introduced to Mr. Buddy Yosha through my uncle who was friends and he helped me with an issue with a 5 minute phone call that increased my settlement 21 times the amount offered after 2 years. I’ll always remember that as he didn’t have to help at all but chose to out of being a kind heart.

A few years ago unfortunately I needed a lawyer for another accident and rich cook handled my case with absolute professionalism, did a thorough job from start to finish and settled the claim for a fair amount. I’d recommend this firm to anyone in need of an attorney. Thanks so much!!!

Michael Gilbert

The Yosha Law Firm has helped me with legal matters for 40+ years. During the last representation, I had difficulty with some expensive dental work. One of the partners of the firm was leading the effort to recoup my funds that I had paid for the dental work.

Needless to say, we were successful during this time (over a period of approximately 90 days). I was kept informed, phone conferences were utilized, and it was another great experience for me with The Yosha Law Firm. All of the adjectives for the 5 star rating were prevalent during those 90 days of legal work that were done.

Jack Brinson

When the insurance company tried to take advantage of me, Brandon Yosha was on their case ASAP. Brandon worked very hard to meet my expectation of my ideal settlement amount.

Also, Brandon was very professional and responsive every step of the way. And in the future if I need representation,
I will not hesitate to call or recommend Brandon Yosha to my family and friends. Appreciate you Brandon, Job well done!!

Arnold Garner

I would highly recommend hiring Brandon Yosha as your attorney. After my accident he worked incredibly diligently to help me with my case. Brandon was there to talk me through the details whenever I needed.

He obtained a settlement quickly, I’m happy with the outcome of my case. Brandon and the Yosha team did a fantastic job.

Ashley Brown

My wife was involved in a serious and complex car accident with a commercial vehicle. Bryan Tisch was everything we could’ve hoped for in an attorney. He personally came to our home since my wife was in no condition to travel and he walked us through every step of the very long process, which led to a very agreeable settlement in our favor.

If you’re not sure where to go, I can confidently recommend that you put your full trust into this firm and with this attorney. Bryan, Rich, and all of their associates were knowledgeable and personable. They didn’t merely answer our questions but fully educated us on the process. Believe me, you want these people in your corner! Thanks Bryan and everyone at Yosha Cook and Tisch; we will never forget you and will always be grateful.

Josh Roland

Mr. Tisch took my case in the middle of a pandemic, and was able to get it settled in 6 months! The environment is peaceful and professional. Every person I met was very courteous and friendly. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Sharla Burton

Thank you Nick Tuttle for fighting for what is right! Appreciate your guidance, professionalism & detailed care in handling what was deserved in my mother’s long term health care policy. Thank you, thank you!

Laura Steele

Nick Tuttle just settled a case for almost 30 times more than the insurance company offered us! Thank you Nick, you’re amazing!

Cynthia Yosha-Snyder

Rich and the staff at Yosha, Cook & Tisch helped me immensely through a very troubling time. The compassion and understanding I received was more than I could have ever expected and I can not recommend them enough.

Victoria Carolyn

Wonderful law firm, filled with experts who genuinely care. It was a long journey with Mr. Tisch, all while he fought for the best outcome for my son.

The end result far exceeded my expectations, ensuring my child would be ok the rest of his life. If you want the best, look no further.

Paul Coughlin

I was referred to this practice by a friend. I spoke with Brandon Yosha during my initial consultation, he then referred me to Nicholas Tuttle. I met with Nick to review my case and was very impressed and pleased with the manner in which he took the time to explain each detail of my case. He helped me to resolve my case quickly. I will not hesitate to consult with Nick or the Yosha practice again if I have any future needs requiring legal counsel.

Tara Ziegler

After my car accident, I was afraid to contact a lawyer. I always hear that dealing with layers was a nightmare but my opinion changed completely after I met Bryan Tisch. Almost immediately I knew I would choose him. He didn’t seem desperate for my business and he gave me an opportunity to ask questions. He was polite and not pushy. He made me feel very comfortable. He has always been a phone call away and I am assured that I am getting the best representation in the business.

Tisch is absolutely wonderful and working with him was delightful. I felt he had my best interest at heart. I will recommend Bryan to my family and friends. He is an excellent lawyer, very helpful and explained everything in great detail. His staff was very informative and they all responded to my phone calls or emails quickly. Bryan is one of the BEST lawyers in Indiana!

Maria Tishner

I don’t even know where to begin. Three years of my life were consumed by a lawsuit that seemed to be never-ending. Bryan and Anna walked through every single moment with us and fought hard for us.

I am glad that it is all over, but I will actually miss the incredible people who walked through the darkest time in our lives with us, hand in hand! I’ll forever be grateful to you all!

Taylor Roland

Nick Tuttle is the person I want fighting for me in court every time. He is great at communicating with his clients and knows what he is talking about. He is aggressive and smart! 20/10 would recommend!

Ally Jamerson

I am very satisfied with Yosha Law. Nick Tuttle did an outstanding job. He is definitely who I will be going back to next time I need someone. While working with Nick he showed great determination and worked harder for me than anybody I’ve ever met. He is someone I definitely recommend.

Caleb King

Bryan and Anna did an amazing job on my case. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I was thankful to have had their guidance through the whole process as I’ve never been through anything like this before.

I would definitely recommend Bryan and I would hire him again for myself! He definitely does a great job at making sure you get everything you deserve.

Hannah Anderson

I have done business with Yosha Law Firm for many many years. In 2013, I was in a bad car accident and needed a good attorney so again I turned to Yosha Law Firm and I spoke with Rich Cook. He took my case and did a great job helping me get what I needed. The firm was extremely respectable, helpful and courteous, I could not have asked for anything better. The Yosha Law Firm still to this day is the very best and that is why they deserve five stars.

Gerri Dennin

I was unjustly terminated by a philandering supervisor in a government office. Mr. Cook helped me get justice against this despicable despot. I sincerely appreciate the support and dedication Mr. Cook displayed during this most trying time for me. Mr. Cook is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and ethical. I felt vindicated when this case was finally resolved.

Cecelia Scott

I contacted YC&T after a dog attack and Rick Cook was my attorney. Rich was great to work with. He made sure to keep in contact with me through out the whole process, giving me updates as they came. Also they reached out on my behalf to all my medical creditors and worked them down to the lowest amount so i definitely came out better in the end. I had a minor issue with an ambulance bill that tried to put me in collections 2 years later after letting the law office know they were writing off my entire bill… I contacted Rich right away to let him know what was going on, he emailed me the copy of the bill that showed the hospital did in fact write off my debt 2 years prior and i had nothing that was owed to them. I forwarded that to the collection agency and got it squared away. Im very thankful Rick kept every record years later and was on top of getting me a copy asap so i could throw out this collection amount! Highly recommend Rich and the law firm!


I’ve used Rich Cook a few times. Wouldn’t use anyone else for personal injury. They treat you like family.

Anthony S.

Brian and his staff were very attentive, professional, & helpful. I would recommend them to anyone!

Pat M.


After being struck, and injured by an uninsured motorist, I thought I would be taken care of by my insurance company. That was not the case at all. Initially my insurance company wanted me to settle my injury case for a mere $8,700. After many Doctor visits, procedures and bills to follow, that amount was nowhere near the amount to take care of the medical bills. Not to mention, to compensate for the physical / mental pain and suffering.

After 8 years of trying to negotiate a better settlement on my own, I was informed that the maximum settlement offer would be approximately $15K, take it or leave it.

I turned to Jamison Allen of Yosha Cook & Tisch to look into my claim, and I am so glad that I put my trust in him.

Jamison was extremely compassionate and listened intently to my complaints and concerns regarding future medical treatments. I felt that Jamison and his team would do their very best to get me the fairest settlement available.

Fast forward to almost two years later, and 3 weeks prior to the Statute Of Limitations running out for my uninsured motorist claim. I received a call from Jamison Allen stating that my insurance company was ready to make a settlement offer. I was in total disbelief in what he would say next. He said your case is settled! He reiterated that the case is closed and they were offering maximum policy limits, providing I accepted the details of the settlement.

WOW! Jamison and his team knocked it out of the Ball Park. He was able to secure a settlement that was right at 7 times the amount of the take it or leave it offer.

Lesson Learned: Never expect that your insurance company has your best interest at hand. They only string you along, hoping that you will take the lowball offer.

Always retain an attorney if you are injured in an automobile accident.
(I Highly Recommend JAMISON ALLEN).

Thanks to Jamison, Charity, and the rest of his team at Yosha Cook & Tisch – Attorneys At Law for working so diligently to resolve my case.

If you are ever in need of a personal injury attorney, please consider hiring Jamison Allen.



Yosha Cook & Tisch law firm offers a professionalism and generosity rarely seen these days.They were able to efficiently and expertly help me over the phone with a tense situation. I now have the confidence to proceed with my plan knowing that the law supports me in these actions. Thanks Yosha for everything !

Ian E.

Top great Attorneys, thanks Buddy & Mr. Cook!

Doanie S.

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