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Most of our clients become family throughout our quest for justice. Hear from some of our past clients involved in various personal injury cases.


“I was in a car accident and the first person I thought of was Yosha Law. When you hear the name Buddy Yosha you think of one word. Legend. But more than just a lawyer but also a friend to so many here in the city of Indianapolis.”

Tim Bass


“At Yosha Law, you are family to them.”

Officer PJ


“I don’t have Brandon’s office number — I don’t even know what that is — I just have Brandon’s cell phone number. That just shows you how personal the connection is.”

Ashley Brown


“I don’t know what I would have done had it not been for Brandon. He cares about me, he cares about my family, he checks on me, and that’s all I could ever ask.”

Jermaine Teague

I was first introduced to Mr. Buddy Yosha through my uncle who was friends and he helped me with an issue with a 5 minute phone call that increased my settlement 21 times the amount offered after 2 years. I’ll always remember that as he didn’t have to help at all but chose to out of being a kind heart.

A few years ago unfortunately I needed a lawyer for another accident and rich cook handled my case with absolute professionalism, did a thorough job from start to finish and settled the claim for a fair amount. I’d recommend this firm to anyone in need of an attorney. Thanks so much!!!

Michael Gilbert

The Yosha Law Firm has helped me with legal matters for 40+ years. During the last representation, I had difficulty with some expensive dental work. One of the partners of the firm was leading the effort to recoup my funds that I had paid for the dental work.

Needless to say, we were successful during this time (over a period of approximately 90 days). I was kept informed, phone conferences were utilized, and it was another great experience for me with The Yosha Law Firm. All of the adjectives for the 5 star rating were prevalent during those 90 days of legal work that were done.

Jack Brinson

When the insurance company tried to take advantage of me, Brandon Yosha was on their case ASAP. Brandon worked very hard to meet my expectation of my ideal settlement amount.

Also, Brandon was very professional and responsive every step of the way. And in the future if I need representation,
I will not hesitate to call or recommend Brandon Yosha to my family and friends. Appreciate you Brandon, Job well done!!

Arnold Garner

I would highly recommend hiring Brandon Yosha as your attorney. After my accident he worked incredibly diligently to help me with my case. Brandon was there to talk me through the details whenever I needed.

He obtained a settlement quickly, I’m happy with the outcome of my case. Brandon and the Yosha team did a fantastic job.

Ashley Brown

My wife was involved in a serious and complex car accident with a commercial vehicle. Bryan Tisch was everything we could’ve hoped for in an attorney. He personally came to our home since my wife was in no condition to travel and he walked us through every step of the very long process, which led to a very agreeable settlement in our favor.

If you’re not sure where to go, I can confidently recommend that you put your full trust into this firm and with this attorney. Bryan, Rich, and all of their associates were knowledgeable and personable. They didn’t merely answer our questions but fully educated us on the process. Believe me, you want these people in your corner! Thanks Bryan and everyone at Yosha Cook and Tisch; we will never forget you and will always be grateful.

Josh Roland

Mr. Tisch took my case in the middle of a pandemic, and was able to get it settled in 6 months! The environment is peaceful and professional. Every person I met was very courteous and friendly. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Sharla Burton

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Yosha Law Firm – Personal Injury Lawyers

Yosha Law Firm – Personal Injury Lawyers