Injuries can happen in many ways. From car accidents to medical mistakes, many of these injuries happen as the result of negligence. When an injury results in costly medical bills and other losses, a dedicated injury attorney could reduce that financial strain through litigation.

If you have sustained a bodily injury due to another person’s careless acts, you could hold them accountable through a personal injury lawsuit. A Terre Haute personal injury lawyer could carry the burden of pursuing your claim on your behalf.

Possible Compensation for Personal Injury Claims

Every person pursuing a personal injury claim is ultimately seeking financial compensation. This compensation comes in many different forms depending on the hardships an injury brings. A personal injury attorney in Terre Haute could identify the available compensation after reviewing the facts of a case. Some of the forms of compensation that are common with personal injury claims include:

Medical Expenses

Medical costs are one of the most prominent aspects of personal injury claims. The more severe an injury is, the greater the cost of medical treatment is likely to be. Some injury claims only result in medical bills in the days or weeks following an accident. Other cases could lead to costly care that lasts a lifetime. Some examples include the cost of hospitalization, surgical procedures, ambulance rides, or prescription medication.

Pain and Suffering

The pain that comes with a serious injury can be immense. A large part of many personal injury settlements is compensation for that pain. The pain resulting from an injury is subjective, making it challenging to determine what these claims should be worth. Many juries award pain and suffering damages that are a multiple of the total medical expenses in a case.

Lost Wages

Missing time away from work is also common following a serious injury. For many people, this will result in an immediate reduction in their income. A personal injury lawsuit could result in compensation for the wages lost in the aftermath of an injury. Likewise, it is also possible to pursue a claim for future wages that are likely to be lost due to an injury.

Injuries That Could Result in Compensation

There are a wide variety of injuries that could result in compensation. Any injury that causes serious pain, makes it difficult to return to work, or runs up medical bills could lead to a substantial settlement. A personal injury attorney in Terre Haute could evaluate a claim and identify the types of compensation that might be available. Some of the most common injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Severe burns
  • Paralysis
  • Blindness
  • Concussions and other brain injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Spinal damage

These are only a handful of the injuries that frequently result in monetary compensation. A thorough evaluation with an experienced attorney could provide valuable insight into whether a legal claim is justified. It could also be helpful in determining the amount of compensation that may be available.

Emergency Medical Care in Personal Injury Claims

If a claimant is minorly or severely injured in an accident, it is important to seek emergency medical care. Medical records are an essential part in a personal injury case, as it provides details on the nature of the claimant’s injuries, determine the cause of the harm, and help calculate damages for compensation. These records can come in the form of hospital records, testing records, ambulance records, and more.

Claimants should seek medical treatment immediately following an accident, not only for medical records, but to ensure health and safety of all parties involved. When receiving emergency medical care, claimants should:

  • Fully describe all injuries
  • Continue treatment until advised otherwise
  • Follow up for further medical care

Attorneys can use medical records to prove economic and non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering. They are a key indicator to proving injuries and receiving the appropriate amount of compensation.

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When injuries happen, they can turn your world upside down. Dealing with the pain and requiring medical care are only some of the challenges common with an injury. You could also face mounting medical debt while missing out on your income from work.

If you are living with the consequences of an injury, a legal claim could be right for you. Call right away to learn how a Terra Haute personal injury lawyer could help.

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