People suffer burns due to the uncontrolled ignition of the flammable chemicals and other materials they work and live with on a day-to-day basis. Fires can happen in a number of settings such as in motor vehicles, tankers, brush or woodland areas, public, commercial and residential structures, night clubs, bars, entertainment centers, factories, mines, hotels and hospitals with disastrous results when appropriate precautionary measures have not been taken. Occupancy limits may have been exceeded, sprinkler systems neglected, exits were not properly marked, or building personnel may have delayed in contacting the police and fire departments. The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) place the responsibility on employers to control or eliminate these safety risks from fire and explosions.

In order for a fire to start or an explosion to occur, three elements are required, fuel, air and an ignition source. Fuel sources include wide variety of flammable substances found in the workplace ranging from heating fuels, natural gas leaks, gasoline, paint thinners and welding gases, to the less obvious sources such as packaging materials, organic oils on cloth, saw dust, flour, sugar, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), dusts from machining and sanding operations, and dusts related to various foodstuffs. A faulty or dangerous product can cause ignition whether it be electrical in nature or careless installation of a chimney flue. Controlling or eliminating these various elements can prevent fires and save lives.


Early investigation and scene documentation and preservation can be critical to preserving evidence and identifying what was the source off the fire and explosion and who the responsible parties are. Failure to do so can result in fragile and valuable evidence being lost forever.

An experience lawyer can bring a team of experts to the scene to help collect evidence and interview witnesses and coordinate with law enforcement officials so that the entire situation is thoroughly evaluated and analyzed.

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