Serious injuries occur daily in Muncie and throughout the country. While some injuries are unavoidable, others only occur due to the negligent acts of another person. In these cases, a skilled injury attorney could hold the at-fault party accountable for their carelessness.

If you are living with a bodily injury you did not cause, you might have a viable claim to a monetary award. Pursuing these claims can be a long, time-consuming affair. A Muncie personal injury lawyer could help avoid delays and assist you in securing a fair settlement.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

Injuries happen in a variety of ways. What sets a personal injury case apart is that the injury resulted from an act of negligence. Negligence could involve any reckless, intentional, or careless act. With the help of a compassionate injury attorney in Muncie, it could be possible to pursue justice for any type of injury claim. Some of the common examples of injury claims include:

Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accidents make up a large number of personal injury claims each year. They could involve collisions with personal vehicles, commercial trucks, pedestrians, motorcycles, or bicycles. In all of these cases, the potential for injury is substantial.

Medical Mistakes

Doctors make mistakes. Unfortunately, medical errors have the potential to cause drastic, long-lasting consequences. Whether it is a misdiagnosis of a debilitating illness or a surgical mistake that renders a patient disabled, these errors could change a person’s life in an instant. It could be possible to pursue a claim based on a medical mistake against the medical professionals involves as well as the facility itself.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Another common type of injury claim is the slip and fall accident. Falls can happen anywhere, but these claims are only viable when they stem from the negligence of a property owner. This involves establishing the owner failed to act reasonably in preventing a dangerous hazard.

Defective Products

Injuries also routinely result from dangerous or defective products. A product could be dangerous in a number of ways. In many cases, the underlying design of a product could be inherently dangerous. Errors made during manufacturing or shipping could also be to blame for an injury. Finally, the failure to include adequate warnings or labels could also bring about a viable personal injury claim.

Ways to Resolve a Personal Injury Case

With the help of a personal injury lawyer in Muncie, there are two primary ways to successfully resolve an injury claim. The first is to secure a fair settlement offer from the at-fault party or their insurance provider. The second is to take the case to trial and obtain a verdict against the defendant.

The large majority of personal injury cases never require a trial. It is not unusual for these claims to be settled without the need for a lawsuit. However, cases where the defendant refuses to take responsibility for an injury often go to trial. If the trial is successful, the injured party can then attempt to collect on the judgment they have secured.

New Legislation in Muncie

Governor Eric Holcomb has signed new legislation allowing for additional judicial resources for five Indiana counties to combat backlog caused by COVID-19. However, under this new mandate, the Governor has made the controversial decision to revoke a new court, previously approved in Delaware County.

With six cities to serve, including Muncie, Republican leaders attribute the revocation of Delaware County’s sixth court to lack of funding and county officials’ lack of knowledge in establishing a new court. Democratic counterparts have expressed concern that this decision sets a precedent for how courts can be easily granted and revoked.

Contact a Muncie Personal Injury Attorney as Soon as Possible

After an injury, it is important to seek out legal counsel right away. Your attorney could advise you on what your claim might be worth and explain the challenges you might face along the way. Let a dedicated attorney assist you with your personal injury claim. Reach out to a Muncie personal injury lawyer today.

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