Motorcycles offer an efficient way to travel and help people save money on gas and other maintenance. However, motorcycles also expose riders to a heightened chance of suffering a serious injury after a collision with another vehicle.

A Fort Wayne motorcycle accident lawyer could help you pursue compensation from the party responsible for your wreck. A hardworking civil attorney could work to discover the truth behind the incident, build powerful cases against other drivers, and demand that those drivers and their insurance companies provide appropriate payments needed to cover your losses.

Proving Fault After a Motorcycle Wreck

All drivers take on a duty to protect all other people whenever they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. This includes protecting motorcyclists. As a result, a driver who is to blame for a collision must provide compensation to all affected people regardless of those people’s choice of transportation.

However, it always falls on injured bikers to prove that someone else caused the accident. This could require obtaining a police report, watching dashcam footage, visiting the scene of the crash, and talking with witnesses. If the wreck was the result of a defective motorcycle, it could require investigating the cause of the defect and holding the manufacturer responsible. A Fort Wayne attorney could take the lead in gathering the evidence necessary to prove that another party was responsible for the motorcycle crash.

Additionally, it is important to know that there is a limited time to perform these vital tasks. Indiana Code § 34-11-2-4 says that most injured bikers have no more than two years after an injury to demand compensation. As a result, it is essential  for injured motorcyclists to act quickly to protect their legal right to compensation.

What Compensation Could an Injured Motorcyclist Recover?

Just as the law says that drivers have a duty to protect motorcycle riders, it also says that at-fault motorists must provide full compensation for a plaintiff’s losses. Proving the extent of those losses is just as important as proving liability following a crash. Fortunately, a motorbike accident attorney in Fort Wayne could handle every step in this process.

Motorcycle accident claims must center around a physical injury. These can include lacerations, broken bones, separated joints, head injuries and spinal cord damage. A comprehensive case will seek repayment for all medical costs, both past and future.

Accidents can also affect people’s lives in other ways. They may find that they are no longer able to engage in once loved hobbies. They may also lose out on significant income due to time spent in recovery or because of a permanent disability. A well-practiced lawyer could help demonstrate how an incident has changed a biker’s life and demand appropriate compensation.

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Motorcycle riders have the same rights as all other people to expect protection while on the road. Drivers who fail to provide this protection by speeding, failing to yield, or other dangerous activity are liable for the resulting collisions.

A Fort Wayne motorcycle accident lawyer could help you to pursue compensation for all your personal and financial losses stemming from the incident. They could act swiftly to gather evidence concerning the crash, tie it to the actions of another driver, and demand fair payments through insurance settlements or lawsuits. Reach out today to learn more.

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