Many people choose to travel by foot as it is a wonderful form of exercise, costs nothing, and gives people time to think and relax. Sadly, being a pedestrian also comes with risks. Drivers may fail in their obligation to keep you safe by not yielding in a crosswalk, driving up over a curb, or speeding through a parking lot. The resulting collisions can result in devastating injuries that impact your physical health, emotional wellbeing, and ability to earn a living.

A Fort Wayne pedestrian accident lawyer could help you hold negligent drivers responsible for their actions. A skilled attorney could build a powerful case that prove another’s fault and demand full compensation for your losses that resulted from the collision. In most cases, this can result in a fair settlement package without ever needing to go to court.

Compensation Available to an Injured Pedestrian

People who suffer injuries because of the poor driving of others deserve the compensation that they need to set things right. The most obvious way that a person’s life changes after being struck by a car is the onset of physical injuries. These typically include broken bones, concussions, and severe lacerations. Fortunately, an injured individual can demand reimbursement for all medical bills.

However, these incidents tend to change a person’s life in many other ways. They could be struggling to enjoy a hobby or spend quality time with loved ones. As long as a pedestrian can connect these changes to their accident, they and their local attorney could demand compensation for this reduction in their quality of life.

Another common source of compensation is payments for lost income. Whether an incident results in one day off of work to seek emergency care or permanently impacts one’s ability to earn a living, an at-fault driver must provide compensation for this missing income.

Who is Responsible for an Accident Involving Someone Traveling by Foot?

It can be easy to presume that a driver who is involved in a collision with a pedestrian is automatically at fault for that incident. However, this is never the case. After all accidents, the law requires courts to evaluate the actions of all involved parties and assign blame accordingly. Specifically, Indiana Code § 34-51-2-5 creates the concept called modified comparative negligence. Under this law, an injured pedestrian will receive reduced compensation for their losses if they share some portion of blame for the crash. If this portion rises to 50 percent or more, the court cannot award any compensation.

This law makes it imperative to build strong cases against the drivers of cars, trucks, and motorcycles who struck someone traveling by foot. A pedestrian accident attorney Fort Wayne could help by gathering the necessary evidence and help prove that another party was solely responsible for the crash.

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Collisions between pedestrians and motor vehicles can result in life-altering injuries. If you have suffered harm while traveling by foot, you deserve the compensation necessary to get your life back on track.

Let a Fort Wayne pedestrian accident lawyer take the lead in your case. A legal advocate could perform the necessary legal work to investigate the incident, measure your losses, and demand that at-fault drivers and insurance companies provide fair compensation. Call today to get started.

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