Even if you make sure to always act carefully and maintain awareness of your surroundings, someone else’s negligent conduct could cause you to sustain serious and possibly even life-changing harm. When that happens, seeking compensation through civil litigation may be the best method available for you to preserve your financial security and protect your future best interests.

If you suffered an injury because another person failed to act responsibly around you, you should make contacting a Gary personal injury lawyer a priority. Once retained, your dedicated attorney could ensure you understand all your options for financial recovery, help you construct a strong settlement demand or lawsuit, and work relentlessly on your behalf to secure a positive resolution to your claim.

What Could Justify a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

With relatively few exceptions, liability for personal injuries and their associated financial and personal consequences revolves around the concept of legal negligence. In various situations, different people owe different “duties of care” to others around them, and when someone violates such a duty in a way that directly causes someone else to get hurt, they may be considered “legally negligent”—and therefore financially accountable for damages.

The most common justification for personal injury litigation in Indiana is a collision between motor vehicles, but that is far from the only variety of incident that could warrant a civil claim. A skilled Gary personal injury attorney could help an injured individual pursue financial restitution for injuries sustained through any of the following:

  • Roadway accidents involving pedestrians, bicyclists, or motorcyclists
  • Medical negligence
  • Failure by a property owner to maintain safe property conditions
  • Attacks by domesticated animals
  • Sudden slips or trips and falls
  • Defects in consumer products
  • Dangerous medications

Potential Obstacles to Effective Civil Recovery

Unfortunately, knowing that someone else is responsible for an accident is very different from being able to prove they are through a preponderance of all available evidence. Also, there are several rules and regulations applicable to personal injury claims that could restrict a plaintiff’s available compensation, or even bar them from recovery altogether. Indiana Code §34-51-2-5 grants civil courts the authority to reduce a personal injury victim’s final damage award by any percentage of fault they bear for causing or exacerbating their injuries. Also, IN Code §35-51-2-6 prohibits civil plaintiffs from recovering anything if they are 50 percent to blame or more for their accident.

Additionally, IN Code §34-11-2-4 sets a filing deadline of two years on most personal injury cases, meaning that anyone who waits longer than 24 months after discovering their injuries is generally ineligible to file suit over ensuing damages. Even shorter deadlines apply to cases against government entities, so retaining a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Gary can be even more crucial in situations of that nature.

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In the wake of any accident resulting in serious physical trauma, figuring out what to do to protect your best interests can understandably feel like an insurmountable challenge. Fortunately, by working with seasoned legal counsel, you could ensure you are aware of every possibility for your case while also knowing it is in the best possible hands.

Recovering the compensation you deserve could be much easier with a Gary personal injury lawyer by your side. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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