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Some of the most devastating injuries that may affect a person following an accident or an attack result in paralysis. Paralysis injuries could affect every portion of your life, from your mobility, to your ability to earn a living, to being able to enjoy hobbies, or even your ability to complete your daily routine. Some people may require medical attention for the rest of their lives.

Whenever another party is responsible for an event that results in paralysis, they have an obligation to provide compensation. However, proving that another party was at fault for your accident can be a complex legal issue. An Indianapolis paralysis injury lawyer could help you to pursue a paralysis injury case. A catastrophic injury attorney could help to gather the necessary evidence, use that evidence to prove fault, and build a legal case for compensation.

The Medical Science Behind Paralysis

Paralysis can be the end result of nerve damage. However, this damage typically does not occur at the site of the immobile body part. Instead, paralysis is a common symptom of spinal cord damage. The spinal cord serves as the messenger between the brain and other parts of the body. If this messenger is unable to relay a signal, that part of the body is unable to move. According to the Cleveland Clinic, paralysis can involve more than just an inability to move. Other forms of paralysis can cause spasms, a shrinkage of muscles, or even paralysis that comes and goes.

The closer to the brain that the damage to the spinal cord occurs, the higher the percentage of the body becomes paralyzed. However, even damage to the lower spine can result in permanent injuries that require medical attention for the foreseeable future. An Indianapolis personal injury attorney could help clients to evaluate their injuries and the effect that this has on their lives in paralysis cases.

Pursuing Paralysis Injury Cases with Insurance Companies and in Court

Most incidents that result in paralysis are accidents. The defendant in the case did not mean to cause the incident and certainly did not mean to cause the plaintiff any harm. Still, the fact remains that the harm did occur. Even in cases involving accidents, many defendants are responsible for the outcome of their actions.

The most common examples of these legal dynamics are cases that center around negligence. In these claims, a defendant had a duty to protect the plaintiff. When their actions caused a failure in this duty, and the plaintiff was injured, the defendant is at fault. The most prevalent example of negligence cases is car accidents. However, these cases can also include slips and falls, dog bites, or even defective product claims.

A plaintiff bears the burden of proving negligence in paralysis injury cases. An Indianapolis personal injury lawyer could help gather the evidence in the case, place that evidence within the applicable cause of action, and protect the claimant from aggressive insurance companies.

Attorneys also help to meet the state’s statute of limitations. This controls when a court will hear a personal injury claim. According to Indiana Code § 34-11-2-4, plaintiffs must act within two years of the date of injury to collect compensation.

Let An Indianapolis Paralysis Injury Attorney Fight for You

If you are experiencing paralysis following an injury, it is understandable to be frustrated and confused. You may wonder what your legal rights are and how you can experience a brighter future. Most of these injuries may never fully heal, and you may be left unable to work for the rest of your life.

Those who are found responsible for an accident can be held liable to provide compensation to the injured party. This can include payments for medical treatment, reimbursement for lost wages, and even payments for pain and suffering. These cases can be very complex so it is best to get legal help as soon as possible. Contact an Indianapolis personal injury lawyer today to get started building your case.


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