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Car accidents, on average, occur every few minutes across the State of Indiana. A recent study conducted by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that 94 percent of all automobile crashes today are caused by human choice or error. This statistic supports the notion that almost always, a car crash is caused by the fault of another human being. Car accidents vary in severity, but the loss of life or limb is a distinct possibility. A car crash can impact every part of a person’s life. These incidents can result in severe physical injuries and life-altering impairments. A crash can also inflict emotional trauma, devastate property, and cause a person to lose significant income and wages over weeks, months, years, or a lifetime.

If you have suffered harm due to the careless driving of another motorist, you are entitled compensation. And, according to Indiana law, you shall be made “whole” for your injuries and losses. To be made “whole” means placing an injured person in the same condition they found themselves before the negligent act occurred. While this is a lofty pursuit of Indiana’s civil justice system it is the intended goal. To make a plaintiff whole, the injured party is entitled compensation in the form of money justice.

In the wake of a car collision, hiring the best Indiana car accident attorney can make all the difference for your monetary relief. Receiving compensation for your sudden and unexpected medical bills and pain and suffering can relieve financial stress, which will allow you to focus solely on your road to recovery. When searching for an Indiana auto accident lawyer, pay close attention to what a lawyer or law firm’s former clients have to say. We are incredibly proud of our online Google reviews and what our clients say about us.

Things to Know Before Selecting An Indiana Car Accident Lawyer

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Louis “Buddy” Yosha, Indiana Car Accident Attorney

1. Does Your Law Firm Take Cases To Trial?

At Yosha Cook & Tisch – Personal Injury Lawyers in Indianapolis, we have a storied reputation for holding insurance carriers accountable and ensuring our clients receive proper compensation for their damages. We maintain a busy litigation practice and are routinely referred cases by other personal injury firms. Our greatest reward is being able to represent clients who were referred to us by past satisfied clients. Importantly, insurance carriers tend to give much better offers to clients of attorneys or firms that are known for aggressively litigating their cases and claims. The firms who fight till the end for their clients. To this point, our founder, Buddy Yosha has tried over 100 jury trials in his career, which is more than any attorney in Indiana’s history.

2. Not All Law Firms Are The Same.

If a particular firm or Indiana accident attorney does not have a reputation for regularly litigating car accident claims, the insurance carriers will exploit this fact by offering you less than full value for your losses. In fact, the insurance carriers are cognizant of which firms have a track record for litigating their cases and which ones are merely legal advertisers running a settlement mill. Without mentioning any name specifically, we know who these firms are. We feel compelled to address this reality with our fellow Hoosiers because Indiana’s civil justice system only allows an injured plaintiff one bite at the apple – you only get one day in court. You cannot come back with a different lawyer the next time around with the same injury claim. So, please make sure you do your homework and avoid hiring the billboard ad firm that repeatedly settles claims at a discount, leaving significant compensation on the negotiating table. You should never find yourself in this position. After all, nearly every car accident lawyer charges the same standard contingency fee of 33.3%, so why not go with the firm with a proven track record spanning several decades in Indiana?

The standard 1/3 attorney fee arrangement is assessed only once your case settles. But when it settles, the question then becomes, for how much? And the natural follow-up question is, “well, if I hired an experienced trial lawyer rather than a lawyer within a settlement mill, would I have gotten more?” The answer to this second hypothetical is almost certainly yes.

Your attorney should always take the time to understand your human story. Be sure they understand how this car collision has affected your life, as well as your loved ones. No matter how big or small.

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3. Never Choose a Lawyer or Law Firm Based Solely Upon a Television Commercial

The majority of the high-volume television firms you notice advertising at all hours of the day are mass settlement mills. There are some exceptions. However, even the exceptions fail to deliver optimal results because most of their time and financial resources are tied up in marketing campaigns. That is not us. We exhaust our energy in the courtroom or at the negotiating table, not in front of the camera. We routinely visit with our clients in their homes, and we break bread with their families to better understand how this act of negligence has affected them. By adopting our approach, the judge, the jury, or the mediator, can feel our sincerity.

On several occasions, injury victims terminate relationships with “settlement mills” and once terminated, call us to represent them. These new clients tell us the main reason they left the settlement mill was because they never actually spoke with the lawyer about their case. Instead, they only spoke with assistants or receptionists. Again, since you only get one bite at the apple, you should be in frequent contact with your attorney.

At Yosha, Cook, & Tisch – Personal Injury Lawyers, we provide every single client with the cell phone number of our managing partner as well as the attorney handling your case. We strive to develop personal relationships with our clients. If you do not get to know your client personally, it becomes tougher to deliver the best result for them. From day one, we begin documenting your physical limitations and determine the impact this collision had on your activities of daily living. We spend the necessary time with you and your loved ones to hear what you can and can’t do since the car crash. We listen to your stories to understand what activities you can still perform but not without any associated pain or discomfort. For instance, you may still be able to complete tasks around the house (i.e., yard work, mowing the lawn), but you ultimately pay for it afterward.

4. Let Our Dedicated Team Help You In Your Road to Recovery. We Ensure All Your Medical Bills are Resolved At The End Of Your Case

Our firm has dealt with the insurance industry and medical providers since 1963. We hold over one-half of a century worth of experience handling personal injury claims for injured persons. With this experience, we have mastered the art of dealing with subrogation rights and medical liens that are commonly associated with your medical care. By hiring experienced counsel, you can rest assured you are not paying any more than necessary for these medical liens.