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Effective Legal Strategies by Brandon Yosha for Client Justice

In Brandon Yosha’s new book, From Running Back to Giving Back, he provides insights into his personal history, his journey to the legal profession, and some of the most defining cases of his career so far.

One of the things that the book illustrates is the way that Brandon uses his experience, intuition, and curiosity to bring justice to his clients after they have been injured in an accident. Too often, individuals who are injured by someone else’s carelessness or neglect end up getting overwhelmed by expenses, losses, grief, and pain. 

Brandon and the other attorneys at Yosha Law believe that these individuals deserve to have an advocate. Someone who speaks up for them and protects their rights. 

Let’s take a look at some of the legal strategies Brandon uses, as demonstrated by the life-changing cases he writes about in his book. 

Obtaining justice for clients involves a range of legal strategies that attorneys can employ to protect their clients' rights and interests.

Getting to know clients on a deep, personal level

You may be wondering how getting to know someone is a legal strategy. Isn’t that just part of being a caring person? 

On the one hand, getting to know someone is related to being a caring and empathetic person. But it’s also how the team at Yosha Law wins their cases. You see, when you really know someone, you develop a much deeper understanding of who they are – and what they have lost because of their accident. 

Wayne & Amy Simmons

Here’s an example. 

Wayne Simmons suffered catastrophic nerve damage and permanent disabilities after being electrocuted on the job due to his employer’s negligence. Yosha Law secured a $20.3 million jury verdict after the defense initially offered only $50,000. 

Brandon never would have been able to secure that kind of payout without first getting to know Wayne and his wife Amy.

When Brandon Yosha first met with Wayne and Amy Simmons, he was tempted to jump immediately to discussing the legal aspects of their injury case. However, he was coached by a mentor to slow down and get to know the Simmonses first. 

Yosha and his team asked the couple open-ended questions about their childhoods, how they met, their hopes for starting a family, and their hobbies like fishing and horseback riding.

Through hours of conversation during multiple visits to the Simmons’ home and farm, Brandon gained insight into Wayne’s dedication as a union carpenter and Amy’s adventurous spirit. This deep understanding allowed Yosha Law to craft an opening argument focused on Wayne as Amy’s “oak tree” and the loss of his companionship and abilities. It was Amy’s metaphor, and when she felt safe enough to open up to the team, they had the opportunity to hear this metaphor and later share it with the jury. 

By connecting the jury to the human story, not just medical facts, Yosha secured the $20 million verdict the Simmons needed to recover. Getting to know clients deeply is what allows the lawyers at Yosha Law to win.

The specific strategies used may vary depending on the nature of the case and the legal system of the jurisdiction involved.

Focusing on clients’ stories, not just their medical bills & economic losses

The economic losses after an accident can be mountainous, but they are often only a small part of the picture. 

Brandon understands that if all you do is paint a picture of expensive medical bills and costs, the judge or jury will fail to understand the real depth of a victim’s losses. It is definitely important to demonstrate the extreme financial burden that comes with a personal injury, but the financial damages rarely compare to the other suffering that survivors go through. 

Lindsey Owens, Jory Banks, and Their Daughter Norah

Lindsay and Jory lost their 3-year-old daughter Norah in a tragic accident. When Lindsey’s disabled vehicle was stranded on the shoulder of the highway, it was struck by an inattentive driver, and Norah was killed. 

Brandon could have focused solely on compiling evidence of Lindsey and Jory’s economic damages from the accident. After all, these were significant on their own: medical bills, funeral expenses, lost wages, and other monetary costs.

However, Brandon understood that these expenses were insignificant compared to the human loss that Lindsey and Jory suffered. During emotional interviews at the family’s home, Brandon learned how Norah lit up the room with her laughter, loved dreaming of being a firefighter, and brought immeasurable joy to her parents and big sister.

Rather than make the case about numbers, Brandon focused the story on capturing Norah’s bright spirit, her parents’ daily grief over missed milestone, and the terrible emptiness left by her absence. 

When Yosha presents this heartbreaking story to a jury, he will rely on their judgment to determine the value of a life cut tragically short. Economic damages are only one small part of pursuing justice for those so deeply wronged. 

It's important for lawyers to maintain professionalism and uphold their ethical obligations throughout the legal process.

Meticulously preparing opening and closing arguments to maximize emotional impact 

Yosha Law’s attorneys understand that in the courtroom, some of their most powerful moments for persuasion are found in the opening and closing arguments. To be successful, they need to maximize the emotional impact – and they do that through meticulous preparation.

In Running Back to Giving Back, Brandon tells story after story of cases in which strong opening and closing arguments made the case successful. Everything else we have talked about so far comes together during these two important parts of the trial. 

Jessica Revell

Jessica Revell, a dedicated young single mother, suffered severe leg injuries in a car accident that was caused by a negligent driver blowing through a red light. She lost her independence and her active lifestyle, which she shared with her 7-year-old son. 

Yosha obtained a $2.2 million jury verdict after the insurance company offered only $180,000. 

In Brandon’s opening statement, he carefully depicted how the crash robbed Jessica of being the active, hands-on mother her son depended on. After Jessica shared her story with Brandon, he was able to make a strong closing argument that reinforced that “anything less than full justice would be a grave injustice.” 

Meticulous preparation is what allowed Brandon to show the jury the full human worth of his injured client. 

Learn more in Running Back to Giving Back

In Brandon Yosha’s book, readers are invited into a world where justice isn’t just a legal concept, but rather, a profound commitment to the well-being of those who have suffered due to the negligence of others. 

Through the pages of this book, you will journey alongside Brandon, witnessing how he transforms the lives of his clients by being their advocate and friend. 

One of the biggest takeaways from Brandon’s book is the importance of getting to know his clients on a deep, personal level. This is more than just a legal strategy; it’s a testament to his compassion and dedication to his clients. 

Moreover, his emphasis on focusing on his clients’ stories, not just their economic losses, reminds us – and juries! – that justice is about restoring lives, not just balancing the books.

From Running Back to Giving Back not only provides a glimpse into the remarkable legal strategies employed by Brandon Yosha, but it also offers profound lessons in empathy, dedication, and the pursuit of justice. 

If you have been moved by these stories, we encourage you to delve deeper into Brandon’s career and calling by purchasing his book. Through these pages, you will gain a richer understanding of his commitment to his clients, and you will be inspired by his unwavering pursuit of justice.

A Path of Advocacy for Justice

Get Brandon Yosha’s book and join his mesmerizing journey against negligence and insurance goliaths. 
Find inspiration in everyday Americans’ victories after devastating losses and learn how to stand up for justice.

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