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Most of our clients become family throughout our quest for justice. Hear from some of our past clients involved in various personal injury cases.


“I was in a car accident and the first person I thought of was Yosha Law. When you hear the name Buddy Yosha you think of one word. Legend. But more than just a lawyer but also a friend to so many here in the city of Indianapolis.”

Tim Bass


“At Yosha Law, you are family to them.”

Officer PJ


“I don’t have Brandon’s office number — I don’t even know what that is — I just have Brandon’s cell phone number. That just shows you how personal the connection is.”

Ashley Brown


“I don’t know what I would have done had it not been for Brandon. He cares about me, he cares about my family, he checks on me, and that’s all I could ever ask.”

Jermaine Teague

I contacted YC&T after a dog attack and Rick Cook was my attorney. Rich was great to work with. He made sure to keep in contact with me through out the whole process, giving me updates as they came. Also they reached out on my behalf to all my medical creditors and worked them down to the lowest amount so i definitely came out better in the end. I had a minor issue with an ambulance bill that tried to put me in collections 2 years later after letting the law office know they were writing off my entire bill… I contacted Rich right away to let him know what was going on, he emailed me the copy of the bill that showed the hospital did in fact write off my debt 2 years prior and i had nothing that was owed to them. I forwarded that to the collection agency and got it squared away. Im very thankful Rick kept every record years later and was on top of getting me a copy asap so i could throw out this collection amount! Highly recommend Rich and the law firm!


I’ve used Rich Cook a few times. Wouldn’t use anyone else for personal injury. They treat you like family.

Anthony S.

Brian and his staff were very attentive, professional, & helpful. I would recommend them to anyone!

Pat M.


After being struck, and injured by an uninsured motorist, I thought I would be taken care of by my insurance company. That was not the case at all. Initially my insurance company wanted me to settle my injury case for a mere $8,700. After many Doctor visits, procedures and bills to follow, that amount was nowhere near the amount to take care of the medical bills. Not to mention, to compensate for the physical / mental pain and suffering.

After 8 years of trying to negotiate a better settlement on my own, I was informed that the maximum settlement offer would be approximately $15K, take it or leave it.

I turned to Jamison Allen of Yosha Cook & Tisch to look into my claim, and I am so glad that I put my trust in him.

Jamison was extremely compassionate and listened intently to my complaints and concerns regarding future medical treatments. I felt that Jamison and his team would do their very best to get me the fairest settlement available.

Fast forward to almost two years later, and 3 weeks prior to the Statute Of Limitations running out for my uninsured motorist claim. I received a call from Jamison Allen stating that my insurance company was ready to make a settlement offer. I was in total disbelief in what he would say next. He said your case is settled! He reiterated that the case is closed and they were offering maximum policy limits, providing I accepted the details of the settlement.

WOW! Jamison and his team knocked it out of the Ball Park. He was able to secure a settlement that was right at 7 times the amount of the take it or leave it offer.

Lesson Learned: Never expect that your insurance company has your best interest at hand. They only string you along, hoping that you will take the lowball offer.

Always retain an attorney if you are injured in an automobile accident.
(I Highly Recommend JAMISON ALLEN).

Thanks to Jamison, Charity, and the rest of his team at Yosha Cook & Tisch – Attorneys At Law for working so diligently to resolve my case.

If you are ever in need of a personal injury attorney, please consider hiring Jamison Allen.



Yosha Cook & Tisch law firm offers a professionalism and generosity rarely seen these days.They were able to efficiently and expertly help me over the phone with a tense situation. I now have the confidence to proceed with my plan knowing that the law supports me in these actions. Thanks Yosha for everything !

Ian E.

Top great Attorneys, thanks Buddy & Mr. Cook!

Doanie S.

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