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Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Teen Safe Behind the Wheel

The holiday season is upon us, and October is usually associated with being spooky. The real scary thing is the amount of car accidents that involve teenagers every year. Since October 14th to the 20th is National Teen Driver Safety Week, here are some tips to keep your teen safe to prevent car accidents.

Avoid Cell Phone Use

This is likely the most important aspect of preventing car accidents for people of all ages, not only teenagers. Cell phones are distracting when you’re not driving, and using a phone behind the wheel can prevent drivers from being focused on the road to avoid accidents and other road hazards. Encourage your teen to put their phone away while driving so they can keep their eyes on the road.

Buckle Down on Speeding

In order to prevent your teen from increasing their risk of hurting themselves and others, be scrupulous when it comes to how fast your teen drives. They should not drive fast unless there is an emergency, and even then, there are ways to go about it in a safe manner. Not only can speeding cause devastating collisions, but it could also result in citations and license suspension. Have a conversation with your teen and enforce a strict “no speeding” policy with him or her.

No Drugs or Alcohol

The fact that teens aren’t legally permitted to consume either is reason enough. However, drunk driving is also a crime punishable by misdemeanor or felony charges, resulting in your teen’s license being revoked, and/or time in jail. Drugs and driving do not mix at all, they will have harsh consequences beyond those stated above and your teen may be charged with possession. According to the NHSTA, one person dies from a drunk driving accident every 52 minutes. Ensuring that you talk to your teen and show them the very real consequences of drunk driving and drug usage may aid in their decision-making when driving and prevent them from becoming part of that statistic.

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