Public bus crashes do not occur nearly as often as car crashes. However, when they do happen, the injuries and damages are usually more severe. The enormous size of the bus alone can make accidents much more dangerous. For this reason, federal and state laws strictly regulate buses or common carriers.

They control them to ensure safety, proper licensing, inspections, and anything that will ensure the safety of passengers riding on the vehicles. If the careless actions of a bus operator or the company they work for caused your injuries, consider working with a talented attorney. Contact a skilled South Bend bus accident lawyer right away to set up a meeting.

Leading Causes of Bus Crashes

The leading causes of bus crashes include:

Distracted Driving

A bus operator failing to give full attention to the road in front of them is the leading cause of bus crashes. Driving with distractions may occur because of unruly passengers, a wandering mind, texting while driving, or lack of sleep. Driving with distractions is hazardous to passengers and drivers on the roadways around the buses.

Bus Operator Error

Many bus operator errors could lead to a collision. Those mistakes include driving too fast in poor weather conditions, driving while drowsy, and failing to observe traffic signals or signs.

Improper Maintenance and Defective Equipment

Buses require regular upkeep and maintenance for safe operation. A bus accident can occur if the bus company fails to ensure maintenance occurs as state regulation requires.

Common Injuries

Some of the most typical injuries people suffer from in bus wrecks include:

After suffering injuries in a bus wreck, it is vital to contact a seasoned South Bend attorney right away to review the case.

Establishing Liability After a Bus Collision

After a bus accident, the injured party will need to establish the at-fault party. In the case of bus crashes, there could be several defendants on the petition. Defendants could include the bus operator, a third-party driver, the bussing company, or the bus manufacturers.

A skilled South Bend lawyer could help examine the evidence to establish fault and the liable party after a bus collision. They could do this through evidence collection, expert testimony, witness statements, and reviewing police reports.

Recoverable Damages

Damage recovery after a bus accident could include current and future medical expenses, loss of income, property damages, and the loss of enjoyment of life. The amount of compensation a person could recover depends significantly on the extent of their injuries and losses.

Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations sets a timeline for the injured party to file a lawsuit in personal injury cases. When it comes to bus accidents, the time frame will depend on whether the bussing operator company owner is a private company, or a city or municipality owns and operates the company. Under the Indiana Code section 34-11-2-4, there is a two-year deadline for suing after a bus crash that a private company operates. If the plaintiff does not immediately know of their injuries, the code could allow for an exception under the discovery rule. In that case, the time would begin running two years after the plaintiff reasonably discovers their injuries.

If the owner of the bussing company is a government agency, the plaintiff must act quickly. The injured party must file a formal complaint within 180 days and file a lawsuit in these cases with the court within 270 days.

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Bus wrecks can cause traumatic injuries with life-changing consequences. They could require extensive medical care, follow-up treatment, and missing long periods of work. If another person’s careless actions cause your injuries, you have the right to hold them responsible.

Knowledgeable legal representation could help thoroughly investigate and gather the evidence needed to collect the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. If negligence caused your injuries, contact an experienced South Bend bus accident lawyer to begin working on your claim.

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