Pedestrians are protected under the law because of their complete vulnerability during any collision involving a motor vehicle. Pedestrians are afforded specialized lanes, traffic control devices, sidewalks, and the right of way in most instances in an effort to keep people traveling by foot safe from negligent motorists.

Unfortunately, collisions between pedestrians and cars often result from a driver who is distracted and completely fails to observe a person crossing the street. Other times, a driver may fail to obey traffic control devices such as stoplights or stop signs. Whatever the circumstances, you will need to prove that the other person is the cause of your injuries.

As these accidents often result in devastating injuries to the pedestrian, it could be difficult for them to fully recover while also handling litigation on their own. As such, it is essential they work with a skilled South Bend pedestrian accident lawyer. A reliable attorney could handle the legal aspects of your case so you can focus on getting better.

Why are Collisions Between Vehicles and People so Serious?

If a vehicle strikes someone traveling by foot, it can harm them in several ways. A pedestrian collision can have a significant physical and financial impact as victims frequently suffer severe injuries to the brain, spinal cord, internal organs, soft tissue, and bones. Treatment for these injuries can be substantial, often resulting in devastating medical bills.

As a result, injured parties may be unable to work temporarily or permanently. Being unable to work means that the medical costs associated with their injuries may place a greater financial burden than they would otherwise.

These accidents can also have a serious impact on a person’s mental health and relationships. If the collision results in a person’s untimely death, the surviving family may wish to bring a wrongful death claim against the negligent driver.

The impact of a pedestrian collision cannot be overstated. However, comprehensive recovery can go a long way towards providing relief, making working with a pedestrian accident attorney in South Bend essential.

Compensation Available to Injured Pedestrians

The law affords plaintiffs the ability to recover compensation for their injuries in a fairly comprehensive manner. Indiana takes into account both the direct and calculable harm as well as the negative experience associated with injury.

The plaintiff may recover the cost of their medical expenses and rehabilitation cost and their present and future wages lost due to injury.

Furthermore, financial recovery for the pain and mental anguish experienced by an injured party is also available. In some cases, the loss of companionship and enjoyment of life may be included.

Recovering damages requires solid evidence that attaches liability to a negligent driver. Obtaining full recovery can prove to be a challenging task. In many South Bend cases, a successful pedestrian collision claim may require the services of a skilled attorney.

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A negligent driver should not get away with causing you or your loved one injury. Nor should you be on the hook for the financial strain of medical bills and lost wages due to an accident that was out of your control. You can hold a negligent driver accountable by initiating a personal injury claim.

Contacting a South Bend pedestrian lawyer today could be the first step toward comprehensive recovery. Call now to discuss your case.

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