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The Power of the Human Story with Trial Lawyer Brandon Yosha – Settlement Nation Podcast

Attorney Brandon Yosha was recently featured on the Settlement Nation Podcast with Chris Bua and Courtney Barber. Brandon is a break out star in the trial world, receiving a $20 million dollar jury verdict (adjusted by a fault reduction for a net win of $12.2 million) only five weeks out of law school. In this episode, Brandon discussed the importance of telling the human story. Brandon explained how his decision to reach out to Nick Rowley and Trial Lawyers for Justice, led to an eight-figure jury verdict in Indianapolis, IN. Nick personally mentored Brandon throughout his involvement in the trial, including Brandon’s opening statement, direct examination, and final argument on damages. Click the play button above to listen to this podcast.

A Path of Advocacy for Justice

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Find inspiration in everyday Americans’ victories after devastating losses and learn how to stand up for justice.

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