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Greenwood, Indiana stands as a great town for family-living on the outskirts of Indianapolis. The city of 60,000 has committed to shining as a “green,” environmentally conscious place to live. Thus, as you ride your motorcycle down the winding roads surrounding Greenwood, you may feel carefree – a Greenwood motorcycle accident is the furthest thing from your mind.The wind whips at your back as you gaze out at the horizon, and you wonder, is there any better feeling in the world? Perhaps you decide to head into Indianapolis–you weave through the congestion of traffic, happy to be on a bike rather than stuck, bumper-to-bumper, in the daily grind.

There are many reasons to fall in love with motorcycles, and riding can become a way of life. But what happens when the unthinkable occurs? What do you do if you find yourself in a Greenwood motorcycle accident? 

Unfortunately, you may have little to no control over whether or not you experience a collision while out for a motorcycle ride. Motorcycle accidents can lead to severe and traumatic injuries you may not experience in a car crash. Sometimes, these crashes occur as a result of inclement weather or wildlife encounters. At other times, motorcycle crashes may happen as a result of other drivers. A Greenwood motorcycle accident could take a powerful toll on your physical, mental,emotional, and financial well-being. 

In the aftermath of your accident, you may find yourself with mounting medical bills and a lack of transportation. You may dread contending with the insurance companies on your own.

So, what steps should you take after a motorcycle accident? Can you find support and legal guidance to take the steps toward compensation? After a motorcycle accident, it may be necessary to retain legal counsel. It’s vital you find an experienced and empathetic Greenwood motorcycle lawyer who can guide you through the legal process and will fight for you in cases with insurance behemoths. 

Below, we present state statistics on motorcycle accidents, and answer questions you may have in a step-by-step guide of what to do after the trauma you’ve endured. Take a deep breath and let us help alleviate your stress.

Important Indiana Motorcycle Statistics 

It’s important to know these statistics to increase road awareness, but ultimately you may not have control over whether a motorcycle accident or its results. 

Why you should see a doctor after your motorcycle accident

Perhaps you miraculously walk away from your motorcycle accident with relatively minor cuts, scrapes. and bruises. You feel like you can recover from these injuries on your own. Nonetheless, a medical examination is still important. Your scrapes and cuts may become infected and lead to a blood or staph infection or even a stroke or heart attack. Your head bruise may be a subdural hematoma, and need immediate treatment. Even minor injuries may worsen with time, and need appropriate documentation as you pursue a compensatory claim. A Greenwood motorcycle lawyer would also need records of your medical appointments when gathering evidence for your personal injury case. 

What injuries may result from your motorcycle accident

Operating a motorcycle on the open road also means more significant exposure to the elements and a sacrifice of a level of protection from a vehicle collision.In Indiana helmets are not required for motorcycle operators over the age of 18. However, helmets and protective eyewear may diminish your risk of severe eye injury or traumatic brain injury (TBI). Along with eye injuries and TBIs, motorcycle accidents may result in:

  • Torn Ligaments
  • Severe limb sprains
  • Bone fractures
  • Subdural Hematomas
  • Limb amputations 
  • Facial injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries (SCIs)
  • Road rash

Immediately File a Police Report and Exchange Needed Insurance Information

After your motorcycle accident, remember to remain on the scene and exchange any insurance information with any other drivers involved in your collision. In the moments after your crash, regardless of the severity of your sustained injuries, call the police. Recount the accident in its entirety to any first responders, and disclose any physical areas of pain you’ve developed since your crash. Whatever else you say, don’t let your emotional shock and trauma cause you to admit fault or apologize for the crash. 

Remember that Insurance companies deal with myriad claims, and will attempt to uncover all the details of your motorcycle accident to avoid paying out your compensatory claim. You may grow frustrated with the lack of empathy you feel from these companies. That’s why it’s vital you have a detailed record of your accident and accurate insurance information to offer on your initial contact with your insurance agent.

How Long You Have to Seek Compensation

A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you determine if you have a strong case, and take care of filing any motions for you. However, don’t wait too long. Indiana’s state law, IC § 34-11-2-4 , states that you have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit after a motorcycle accident. Attempting to take care of filing your claim or lawsuit without legal help may add an undue burden to the mountain of stress you’re already experiencing. It’s vital that you find a motorcycle accident lawyer who understands what you’re experiencing and give you insight into the legal merits of your case.

Potential Reasons for Compensation After Your Greenwood Motorcycle Accident

You may find yourself with myriad issues to deal with after your motorcycle crash. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help guide you through both the legal process and the potential compensatory damages you may be owed. Reasons for compensation may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Pain and suffering. Damages in this category compensate victims for the pain they’ve endured–both physically and mentally. their accident has caused them.
  • Emotional distress. If you find yourself dealing with emotional and psychological trauma after your accident, any professional help you seek and diagnoses you receive may entitle you to compensation.
  • Medical expenses. You may be entitled to funds to pay for ongoing and past medical expenses including doctor’s visits, emergency care, surgeries, and much more. 
  • Lost wages or lost potential income. You may receive compensation for lost work time, and any time you may lose in the future as a result of your accident. You could recoup bonuses, benefits, and tips as well as salary.
  • Lost earning potential. If injuries from your accident made your profession impossible, or you had to stop working.
  • Motorcycle repair or replacement. If you’ve had to make repairs or have had to replace your motorcycle as a result of your accident.
  • Loss of consortium. If your quality of life has diminished due to your accident.

How a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Assist You

In the aftermath of the trauma of your motorcycle accident, you may find retaining a motorcycle lawyer can help you with your mounting burdens. It’s important that you find an attorney who is committed to fighting for you. Compensation won’t bring back what you’ve lost as a result of your accident, but it may help you find justice.

You don’t need to deal with the insurance company giants on your own. Find an expert motorcycle lawyer who empathizes with you and is in your corner. 

If you choose to work with Yosha Cook & Tisch, we will guide and support you through the legal process. We’re here to support you in the aftermath of your motorcycle accident. We will fight for you, advise you on your case, and explore possible compensation. We’ll pour our vast resources into collecting evidence for you (including, but not limited to, utilizing forensic experts), and will build your strongest case. If you retain our expert attorneys, we’ll negotiate your settlement, and if your case goes to trial, we will fight for you in court

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You don’t have to battle large insurance companies on your own. We treat each case individually, and will always bring your personal needs into account. Our goal is to help you find justice. An attorney who is willing to go the extra mile in your case may be the difference between compensatory justice and medical bills that leave you bankrupt. Call Yosha Cook & Tisch at (317) 334-9200 for a free consultation.


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