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When the Tables Turn: Helping a Police Officer Get the Justice He Deserves

Officer PJ’s pain and suffering continued after the car accident, and he needed help getting justice in order to continue healing…

Insurance Offered $0

The Maximum Under Policy


Yosha Law stepped in and was able to obtain the maximum available under the insurance policy available.

T-boned at the intersection

Officer PJ Twardski was in his car in downtown Indianapolis, driving to his destination. Just ahead of him, PJ noticed a large SUV stop abruptly at a stop sign at an upcoming crossroad – the SUV was going to run the stop sign, but proceeded to halt when seeing Officer PJ approaching. However, the car behind the SUV did not stop, and sped right through the stop sign. Before he had a chance to react, PJ’s car was horrifically t-boned as the other driver plowed into oncoming traffic.

Lingering Pain and Suffering

With almost $18,000 in damages,Officer PJ’s car was nearly totaled in the accident, and he was left in severe pain. As a result of getting t-boned, PJ endured significant injuries. He suffered from a spinal cord injury that required surgery and experienced neck and ankle pain that continues to this day. Left with a bulging spinal disc, his injuries will have an impact on him for the rest of his life.

Officer PJ soon realized that he needed legal help to receive financial compensation for the ongoing pain and suffering that was constantly affecting his life.

Officer PJ's Story

You're not Just
A Number

Bryan Tisch and Yosha Law firm stepped in quickly when Officer PJ Twardski was severely injured in an Indianapolis car accident, and helped him to receive the settlement he was justly owed.

Officer PJ is not out of the woods – nor would anyone be with an injury of his magnitude. But he’s a resilient man who is not letting this accident stop him.

Although PJ’s case has been settled, attorney Bryan Tisch still keeps in regular contact with him.

“You’re not just a number to them. You’re a name. You’re family when you come to Yosha Law.”
– Officer PJ

At Yosha Law, we take pride in our personal relationships with our clients. We understand just how significantly an accident can change lives and cause upheaval. Our clients are like family–we fight for them and help them see the justice they deserve.

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